Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Chelsea Kerrington Archive

Chelsea Kerrington

Happy Belated New Year’s

February 1st, 2009
by Chelsea Kerrington


The first of January is a time for new beginnings. And, like so many, I try to start the New Year with a few resolutions in mind. They usually center around the two tenants of “let things go” and “start something new,” whether it’s an old relationship or an exercise routine—though I can never seem to keep straight which to let go and which to fire up. This time around, though, I seemed to be in the same messes of 2008 well into January. So, rather than ruin another year with a shrug and, “Oh well, I already fucked it up so far!” I’ve decided to implement my New Year’s resolutions today, February 1, 2009… just to mix it up a little.