Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Carrie Spell Archive

Carrie Spell

Chelsea Girl

February 23rd, 2008
by Carrie Spell


CarrieandchelseaChelsea Clinton was in town, here in Texas, stumping for her mom, so I convinced my husband to go with me to see her. I’ve always felt a weird interest in her, I guess because she went through her awkward stage publicly at the same time as I was going through my own awkward stage. She might be a year younger than me, maybe two.

My husband and I went just to see her. We’re not really fervent Hill-dog supporters. There aren’t very many things we’re fervent about in politics, except that no one seems to be doing what we want.

Our big primary is in a little over a week, as I’m sure you’ve heard on CNN. Chelsea was here to give a two-minute speech downtown, trying to hold on to the last Clinton supporters around. (more…)

Carrie Spell

Flamingo Avenue

June 24th, 2007
by Carrie Spell


If you’ve ever read any of my short stories, you’ll notice that my characters are always staring out of windows–at people on the lawn, at dogs, plants, bees, whatever they can see. For them, the windows are usually the barriers between the isolated world they live in, and the world that is as good–or as bad–as they imagine it to be. I wrote about this in the introduction to a collection of stories I wrote several years ago. I explained that the obsession with looking out windows comes from me, that I sometimes use my windows the way other people use TV. I’m not always doing much of anything, but I want to know what the birds are doing, the kitties who come by at night, the neighbor kid with a skateboard.